The resolution is big enough for side by side split screen working as well in many cases. Once complete you are asked to save the ICC profile and presented with some brief results around achieved white point and luminance. Tilt, mm height, swivel and rotate. One issue which may affect some users is that the brightness regulation is controlled through the use of4 Pulse-Width Modulation PWM , and so those who suffer from eye fatigue or headaches associated with flickering backlights may have concern. When comparing the default factory settings for each monitor it is important to take into account several measurement areas – gamma, white point and colour accuracy. Estimated Signal Processing Lag.

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This option requires no OS understanding. The whole screen remained pretty cool even during prolonged use as well which was pleasing.

The stand is easily attached beq detached and provides a nice sturdy base for the screen. The PGPT overall was an impressive screen, especially considering it is BenQ’s first venture into the 6652 colour enthusiast market. This represented a very good factory calibration, with only minor tweaks needed really to improve gamma and white point slightly.

There is no sign of any cross-hatching type bnq from the panel either. Quoted G2G Response Time. The ‘uniformity’ option is something new to this software and not something included in Dell’s calibration package. BenQ have clearly thought about the extra features provided with this screen and 662 it is to offer a high end, professional range monitor.

The screen has an integrated power supply and so it only needs a standard kettle lead. Luminance was still too high for comfortable use, and contrast ratio was basically the same at You’d have to carry out a completely new calibration again to change the luminance which is a real pain, especially if you want to work with your calibrated modes in different lighting conditions.


Have a read about response time in our specs section if you need additional information about this measurement.

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The calibration was again a success. Nevertheless, the 24″ x resolution should be adequate for many users. Decent uniformity compensation function.

benw There was some some slight trailing in the best case images as you can see above but overall the movement felt pretty good. While the hardware calibration software was very good and offered a lot of options, the lack of brightness control from the OSD afterwards was annoying and the calibration process itself takes a long time. The edges of the screen are at an angle from your line of sight which means you pick up this white glow to a smaller degree.

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The PGPT may well have a decent factory setup but given the market for this screen I expect many users will want to calibrate the screen personally to obtain even higher levels of accuracy and allow profiling and matching between different devices. We will carry out some hardware calibrations in a moment and also validate the results using our normal LaCie Blue Eye Pro report feature for easy comparison.

Wide viewing angles thanks to IPS panel technology meaning several people could view the screen at once comfortable and from a whole host of different angles. You can change this to sRGB as well in the ‘standard’ mode, which we will test in a moment. Bemq usual we also tested the screen with an all black image and in a darkened room.


No particularly noticeable backlight leakage, although there was some clouding from some of the corners. Each of the pre-defined colour spaces have a preset gamma and white point relevant to their colour space, but you can also use the custom options if you want more control yourself.

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You can define what each of the quick access buttons will do here which is useful. On another note many gamers like to use exaggerated settings to make colours look brighter and more vivid. For the full reviews of the models compared here and the dates they were written and when screens were approximately released to the marketplease see our full reviews index.

I restored my graphics card to default settings and disabled any previously active ICC profiles and gamma corrections. There is no A-TW polarizer on this panel which is rarely used now in the market but was implemented on some older screens to improve the off centre black viewing.

The above examples show this occasional bsnq drop in the brightness output. Benq Fpvw Digital This might not be strictly accurate but a lot of people prefer this more vivid and cartoony appearance and so it’s useful that the option is available from the PGPT. Graphics card settings were left at default with no ICC profile or calibration active.