ExpertGPS takes care of all of the coordinate conversion and datum shifts when communicating with your Magellan SporTrak Color, further reducing errors. When you are finished, press the “Menu” button and select “Save Route. When marking waypoints you can select a 6-character alpha-numeric name and create a message associated with that waypoint. Battery compartment has new eye screw for locking battery compartment. It also has alarms for arrival, cross track error, proximity and poor GPS fix. All Rino , Astro, and Alpha radio trackers.

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ExpertGPS allows you to calculate acreage in three different ways: I received it in like new condition.

This feature is so popular in ExpertGPS, we’ve added a hot key F7 that will automatically launch Google Earth and zoom in on your hiking waypoints and tracklogs. Since it doen’t use a back light,the batteries last longer than back light GPS.

Still using paper forms, or typing data into your GPS piece-by-piece? ExpertGPS can automatically clear your GPS memory after you’ve backed up your waypoints, routes, and tracks after a trip. Your GPS limits the length of waypoint names to 8, but ExpertGPS will let you give your waypoints user-friendly names and descriptions that can be as long as you want.

The four navigational fields have the same options as NAV 1 above. ExpertGPS will save you hours on this one task alone! Megan Mattingly-Arthur has been writing professionally since MapSend offers detailed magellaj maps of the U. All Forerunner models; most Garmin watches. When they get back, they use ExpertGPS to upload all of their Magellan waypoints, routes, and tracks onto their computer and save it.

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PC cable is difficult to attach. Transfer data back to your Magellan SporTrak Color with a single click.

Magellan SporTrak Map Handheld

You MUST have the software and cables for this unit to be useful. Waypoints on the Magellan SporTrak Map can contain up to 8 characters. With your digital camera around your neck, Magellan SporTrak Color in your backpack or in your vehicle, and ExpertGPS back at your desk, you can gather data on the move.

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Skip to main content. ExpertGPS takes care of all of the coordinate conversion and datum shifts when communicating with your Magellan SporTrak Map, further reducing errors.

Use the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys to select your appropriate language, country or region, and then press “Enter. They can then download as much data as possible onto their GPS leaving some room for GPS data collection out in the field. ExpertGPS lets you quickly view, change, or batch-edit your photo metadata.

The Meridian comes standard with support for up to 20 routes, waypoints and up to track points which should be enough for the average walker and supports 12 built-in co-ordinate systems and 76 datums. The receivers get better and faster as maps get more intricate. Press “Enter” again to confirm the first leg of your route, then repeat the process to add additional legs to mqgellan route.

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ExpertGPS automatically matches up the timestamps on your digital photos with the times recorded in your Magellan SporTrak Color track log. Add and remove keywords and descriptions. Press the “Enter” button again, followed by the “Thumb Tack” button. Because it is not a mapping GPS, it is more suited to hiking and marine use as opposed to street vehicle use. The aditional 6mb gives you greater scope of using MapSend data downloaded to the Mxgellan Map to enhance the detail of the onboard maps.

Discover Hidden Magellan SporTrak Color Tricks You’re Missing. 30 Tips From the GPS Experts!

The basic SporTrak operates on an older software system, so its display and functionality are slightly different than the other SporTraks. ExpertGPS automatically calculates the acreage of any parcel, field, or tract no matter how irregularwhen you record the boundary with your Magellan SporTrak Map or trace it over the maps in ExpertGPS.

Why waste time entering new waypoints on the tiny screen of your Magellan SporTrak Map? Once you reach that limit, your Sportdak can’t hold any more data.