Even with the wind, in the air is a pretty good poke for me. Pricey but worth every penny if it hits the fairway a long way down! Aside from big-time pro tour momentum, how is FT-3 different from its predecessors? The hitting area has a brushed finish and three rows of scorelines framing the smooth sweet spot, and the sides and bottom of the cup face sport a high-polish mirror finish. The tepid gray-black-yellow color scheme of the ERC Fusion is left behind for a shiny black and orange palette on the FT Your review title You must enter a title.

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The Draw versions have more weight toward the heel to help square the clubface and fight a slice. First, the head is much larger.

I expect my game to better drastically and have more fun playing. I do have to say when I hit the driver well it is awesome! Can I hit it high? Fusion Technology is all about the combination of two distinctly different materials in the club head. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Today’s Golfer

In addition, the Tour models are set up slightly open, while the standard models are a degree or two closed based on the loft. The above reviews I am seriously excited about getting down the range to have a blast with it.

I tried a draw Tour model after I ordered the FT-3 mentioned above wish I had bought this oneit was uncanny!! Yes, it is longer than my Ti, and with the control the NV 65 brings, perhaps straighter on lower-quality swings.

I berrha your review very helpful and assuring and am excited to go out and watch the ball fly.


Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver Review

Mickelson, Sorenstam, Campbell and dozens of other bettha pros have verified, through their own improved driving performances, the real advantages of multi-material constructions. It is a shame that callaway have stopped making them: The pro tours have been the proving grounds for the validation of Fusion Technology.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Fantastic club 4 out of 5 Top Driver 27 May By Beattiegf Tried this on the way to picking a new big dog and although I never decided to put it in my bag I loved almost everything about it, FT-I’s and FT-5’s are undoubtedly brilliant clubs, but for this price you can’t go wrong 5 out of 5 no need to upgrade to the FT-5 or FT-i with this club.

If you can see past the callaway thump then you will find a very good piece of kit that hits it miles.

The face is also very deep but not very wide. This is perfectly acceptable when you factor in the amazing forgiveness we experienced when using the FT The low-spin launch characteristics helped drives callaay power through the wind in spite of the high trajectory, and the ball really carried absurd amounts downwind.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT 3 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

This is as important to amateurs of all levels as it is to top-tier pros. Third round today with it and I hit one yards. The new FT-3 Driver already has been a huge hit. The massive yellow chevron that sat in the middle of the ERC Fusion sole is gone, replaced by a smaller and more understated chevron. NovI Used Callaway X Friend said I was costing myself yards, at least, using outdated technology, and he tipped me on the FT3. The Tour, in my situation, is a great club. The face angle is slightly more open than the standard lofts, and the shaft, an Aldila NVS 65, is available in regular and stiff flexes that complement the swing speeds and styles of more accomplished players.


Your name You must enter your name. I’ve read in Today’s Golfer that the shaft is the most important thing in the club as this is the engine, well what an engine this has. Tried this on the way to picking a new big dog and although I never decided to put it in my bag I loved almost everything about it, FT-I’s and FT-5’s are undoubtedly brilliant clubs, but for this price you can’t go wrong.

The body of the clubhead is so light, it frees up 44 grams of discretionary weight — nearly a quarter of the weight of the entire clubhead — which is distributed inside various parts of the head to benefit golfers’ unique swing types and ball flights.

Although it’s now about years old – what a club it really does fly.

The clubhead continues to impress me. As with many of us, I have relied and become comfortable with my irons but couldnt find that long and straight tee shot I was looking for to set me up for a good second shot.