To begin with we need to add some indexes to the tables. Therefore, only use this option if you will not be using the Web UI or plan on doing something asinine like running it as root. This can be used to view the entire contents of a user’s dictionary, or used in combination with grep to view a subset of data. Without this tool, old signatures will continue to pile up. The message being presented is in pristine form, and should be trained as an inoculation.

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If you are upgrading from v3. Use this if you wish to unlearn a previously learned message.

This file should include a list of trusted users who should be allowed to set the dspam user, passthru parameters, and other information that would be potentially dangerous for a malicious user to be able to set. Similarly, you may also wish to have a false-positive alias for users who prefer to tag spam rather than quarantine it:. The only catch is that you’ll need the usernames to match the actual DSPAM usernames used the system.

Do you already have an account? You can find this in Apache’s httpd. This prevents any kind of alias abuse. BNR is not for everyone, and so users should try it out after they’ve trained to see if it helps improve accuracy. This is done automatically on install.


DSpam INSTALLATION – LedHed’s Wiki

This exercise does not test the Web UI, but only the core dspam agent. Trains only on a classification error, once the user’s metadata has matured to innocent messages. Training loop buffering is the amount of statistical sedation performed to water down statistics and avoid false positives during the user’s training loop.

In general, MySQL is one of the faster solutions with a smaller storage footprint, and is well suited for both small ,ysql large-scale implementations.

Optimizing DSPAM + MySQL 4.1

DSPAM allows users to simply forward their spam to their “spam email address” for learning, eliminating any learning curve mysqo to make it usable by your customers. DSPAM has been implemented on many large and small scale systems with the largest being reported at aboutmailboxes. Please change this in dspam.

Be sure the aliases are unique and each username matches the name after the –user flag. If the user doesn’t wish to receive reminders, they should use the “Delete Selected” function instead of “Delete All”. dspqm

If you are willing to sacrifice accuracy for disk space, disabling the ‘chain’ tokenizer from dspam. Since BNR is only necessary when a message is being classified, the –feature dslam can be safely omitted from error source calls.

The default script and table structure provided with DSPAM causes full table scans since the data is either not indexed or the indexes are not properly used. Dspam-community will always be opensource. Also consider setting the dspam agent to setuid or setgid with the correct permissions. This will cause the storage driver specified in dspam.


RPM resource dspam-mysql(x86-64)

The system log and user logs can fill dsam fairly quickly, when all that’s really needed to generate graphs are the last two to three weeks of data. This can be used to view the entire contents of a user’s dictionary, or used in combination with grep to view a subset of data. If dsppam are using an IMAP based system, Web-based email, or other form of email management where the original messages are stored on the server in pristine format, you can turn this signature feature off dspamm setting “TrainPristine on” in dspam.

DSPAM supports the configuration options below. Defaults are set in dspam. If you have specifically disabled bias, or are using a technique such as Markovian discrimination, you may leave this feature off. Specifying an age of zero will delete all unused tokens in the category. This flag must be used in conjunction with the –source flag.

If you are a dsam, or wish to have multiple drivers built for any reason, you may specify multiple drivers by separating them with commas. It eventually boils down to what works best for your users.