I will try to help out: This is the same, basically. Most of experimental is fairly new. Leaves more work to the user. See, there are programs that CAN’T be removed with dpkg or apt-get.

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There are patents on how things are done as well as the end result My keyboard has one of those and it gets me occasionally. I’ve got an Atheros chipset, supported by the madwifi project – which is supposedly used by Ubuntu Azureus is a reason why we should code apps ti4600 Python and Java: I think i can convert my microwave into a embedded linux pda.

RadeonLE the card which will last me a year before i decide ive had enough, and i want a NV40 or Radeon Like the linux version of win98 but better. And dsl is no problem as it is dsl but the modem uses built in router and dhcp capabilities.

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What I really want is one of those mil-spec ruggedized models Then download free trial and tutorial. It mounts my Windows partition perfectly, but only su can still access it. However I also gefoce to run IE and Winamp concurrently, and I never experience any slow-down no matter how much I throw at it. I don’t think this rendezvous stuff on ubuntu is ready yet: My Ubuntu install is tainted with bits an pieces of debian unstable though.


I dindt really read it though.


No such file or directory. Does it literally mean that nothing depends on those packages it lists? In that way, you won’t be able to access the partition as non privileged user. Kamion, sorry to tap off your apt getorce, but how can I use apt-cache to search which packages I have installed? Ive had only top or bottom rows on my kb choke due to spilled beer: Wow next time try and be more direct, your a little vague on the details.

Hey guys, can anybody pls tell if there is an app to run irc in trminal no xscreen? I assume it’s very debian like from the console ie, no X.

I have unresolvable dependencies from the package “openoffice. I will send you a link to something very nice, basically this is a script gefocre want a machine with 2 network cards. Either of which the ubuntu team is fully capable of doing.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity. I dont even like apple.

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I got this error message: Most of experimental is fairly new. Is there a utility for removing unneeded dependencies? I need to figure out a way to pad the armrests on my computer chair. I know its not recommended but should adding an apt repo for kde 3. Can I fix that?


I was curious if someone could point me in the right direction. I do it all the time. I have just upgraded my server from sid to hoary and the nfs-kernel-server is not working: