Using a controllers on a PC is going pro? Well, I still want to check the gamepad is working or not. If you’re gonna help me i may give some more instances of my problem so as to explain you what the real problem is. Unknown July 8, at 1: Is your code available if we dare to have a look [8 ] Thanks, Pierre 7.

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Admin June 3, at I just bought this xbox controller wireless for pc and idk its working fine bt the vibration wont come.

Your Game controller is not working? Features Test your Game controller.

Admin April 21, at 9: I was so delighted that I was totally manly and didn’t cry one tiny bit, no sirree, not one bit at all. Rorce be really interesting to see how the torque ripple would come into play. Is your code available if we dare to have a look [8 ] Thanks, Pierre 7.

Thank you for your help and efforts You need to select “Test” options to test gamepad and to calibrate it you need to select ‘ setting tab ‘. Whenever my xboxone controller vibrates the impulse triggers, I look over at the FFPro2 sadly. I could be wrong, but didn’t I hear that the new Steam controller will have more advanced haptics? I already implement some software and I able to send a receiving date via USB.


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I can run the stick in Geeneric 7 but the force feedback vibration is what has been missing. Though return to center still worked, so I could still creep out my adult mates with the old trick. So, what’s inside a joystick? You’ll have better luck in specific game subs with that.


Maybe there was some bad drivers you overwrote? Sure enough, this app proved that the button was non functional.

Name that Disney Character Quiz. Unknown April 24, at feedbaxk But for now, just to give you a head start, if you want vibration effects, you need to use the periodic effect descriptor as mentioned in the pid.

Pierre1 New Member Total Posts: I remember there is another report descriptor you need to look at other than the effect report as referring to the usb pid.

Enable Force Feedback for Xbox One Controllers (Windows 7/8/ x64 ONLY) :: Help and Tips

It was never coming back. Force Feedback Device Anyone have any luck with this?

Recent Drivers  EDUP EP-9503 DRIVER

So it comes to my understanding that the game doesn’t have this feature. I will have to consult with the the person I worked with on releasing any part of the firmware since it was his work.

Game Controller Tester

I think you are feedbak to the difference with old Dinput controllers being used in modern games Xinput. The belt’s function is to transmit and amplify the force from the motor to the shaft.

Run again and click Complete, then choose install. Thanks in advance, Pierre Don’t work on Razer Onza Tournament Edition, can you please try to add support feedbcak this gamepad? Use snoopy to see how which sets of data is being received and find that particular descriptor in the pid. Aditya Garg October 19, at 7: