Warranty Guide Check this warranty sheet first. A pop up menu will appear if you click [Simple mode] on the right hand side of corner. Click on [Choose Beep Sound] if you wish Beep sound occurs only within the time you set. Sensor setup can be done by camera and use time. Search mode conversion Setup 1 [Search] To convert to the search mode, select button.

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Set the working time by hour, minute and second. This button plays the current image. It is done by kodiccom and an hour when starting and delaying an hour when ending. External sensor input Connection 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 COM SENSOR One line of signal line for kodcom such as infrared rays, heat perception, magnetic etc, should be connected to COM connector and the other line is connected to any sensor connector which you selected.

This is to back up images one by one. Click [Available on the disk] or select print driver from a box that looks for the name of its manufacturer and model. Selecting [Indication modicom record amount renewal] button will renew the graph for recorded data. When there is activity on the channel the button for the channel flickers. When the site program is installed, the WebDVR program is also installed.

Recent Drivers  INVILINKTM 802.11B/G DRIVER

In that case you can solve it by using a more sensitive amplification microphone. To zoom in one image, double-click the corresponding image or click on One Partition Mode. Refer to page It can be recorded and played only on DVR. DigiNet Function Guide 1.

If a different koodicom from the above is displayed, refer to InCD manual. A user sets a group for entered site information. If the backup data is working currently and not all the data have finished its backup, then all the data need to complete its backup before currently chosen backup to start. When adding to the bookmark while searching, the image of your preferred time, will register date and time from the [Bookmark list] respectably.

Kodicom i3DVR Digital Video Recorder

Any additional holiday dates will be stored in the list in an alphabetical order. Copy button from each division will copy the specific camera location of different divided mode after the E-map setup.

Corrupted image Uncorrupted image. This is used for more stable operation of the system.

In order to delete any existing information, delete the saved information from [Use E-Map] and then click [Save]. Correct port is selected in the factory.

High temperature is not good for the product. The sum of value in left and right cannot exceed degrees. Designated number is not the number of image but it is an internal koicom for the DigiNet program.


Center can be executed just after cameras, control and record statuses are turned into abnormal. You should wait until you see anv message that your system will reboot. After choosing day and time from selected camera, selecting more than 1 record mode will change selected time setup within selected time.

Kodicom DigiNet DVR, DigiNet , Kodicom Software, New Kodiom Drivers

Select in order to setup the location for camera, control, and center. Designated holiday date will be added to [Holiday List] when you click [Add].

Summer Time is applied to many countries around the world, which enables you to use up the extended day time of summer. In case either the site code or the password is wrong, the connection fails. Data of possible disk space, allocation status for each drive will be shown. Once a user selects an emergency message displayed on an emergency message display window and select [Health], Health Monitor program is directly run and a connection to a related site becomes available.